Spring Wildflowers

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It’s spring and the designers at Main Street are working long hours creating and installing beautiful landscapes and hardscapes for our clients.  It’s hard to find time for other activities at this time of the year.  But, Laura (our office manager) and I broke away for a couple of hours last Monday to go to… Read more »

The Three P’s

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Pergolas, pavilions and porticos……do you know the difference?  I’m a designer and I do know the difference, but even I get confused by the terminology.  We utilize all three of these structures in designs for our clients, some more often than others. A pergola is a structure on vertical posts or columns that usually support… Read more »

Snow in the Landscape

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The snow was so pretty yesterday morning. I decided that I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some nice pictures in our display at Main Street Landscape. The daffodils are blooming……popping through the snow.  And, no worries, they are fine when the snow falls.  Most of our spring flowering bulbs are well adapted to… Read more »

Flight of the Monarch

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Did you know that every year, millions of Monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles from North America to the mountains of Mexico to stay for the winter? Recently, our office manager Laura and her husband Liam, along with five others, traveled to Mexico City and from there up into the mountains of Mexico to visit… Read more »

Verry Berry

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Color in the landscape is worthwhile considering while planning the winter garden.  Red is what comes to my mind.  Most berries are showiest in the fall when they first ripen, but others continue to brighten the landscape through the winter months.  Hollies are typically the first plant we think of for red fruits. But, there… Read more »