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Virginia Bluebells

It’s spring and the designers at Main Street are working long hours creating and installing beautiful landscapes and hardscapes for our clients.  It’s hard to find time for other activities at this time of the year.  But, Laura (our office manager) and I broke away for a couple of hours last Monday to go to Balls Bluff Battlefield Regional Park in Leesburg to see all of the wildflowers that are currently blooming. Laura is able to identify each wildflower, plus she has a great eye for finding them.

Spring Beauty

I fell in love with wildflowers as a teenager due to a fabulous teacher that I had in high school.  He took our class on many walks through the grounds surrounding the school where we learned to identify the vegetation.  The wildflowers were my favorite.

Rue Anemone

Isn’t this one amazing?

Shooting Star

I think this one is my favorite.


To this day, I can identify many of the wildflowers that pop up in our back yards such as Yellow Wood Sorrel and Gill-over-the-ground,

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Ground Ivy


but I’ve forgotten the names of many of the woodland beauties.   I’m thankful that I have Laura to remind me.

Toadshad Trillium

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