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We installed this boulder water garden back in 2007 for a very nice couple in Leesburg, Virginia.

Boulder water featureA source of pride and joy for the homeowners, the pond has been enhanced over the years by their special care and continual planting additions. I met with the clients again recently.  We will be installing a back yard patio for them in the very near future.

Here are some recent pictures of the water feature and surrounding area.Water feature in Leesburg, VirginiaBoulder water feature

Water liliesThe homeowner loves to work outside in her garden and her water feature.  She climbs right into the pond and pulls out some of the algae by hand.  Too much algae can deplete the pond of oxygen which is essential for a healthy ecosystem.

Landscaped pond in Leesburg, Virginia

The key to a low maintenance water feature is a balanced ecosystem.  Filters, pumps, plumbing, and rocks (all included in our installation) along with the correct plants and fish are all essential elements.

Betty also has snails in her pond and an underwater oxygenating plant called Anachoris to help aid the process. She is proud of her water feature, which is kept beautiful naturally.   And, her fish are very happy as they have plenty of places to hide.

Water feature plantsHere are some more pictures.  The boulder steps in the background climb up to the back of the house.

Boulder water feature Pond lilies

A view from a different angle.

Fieldstone bouldersAnd, Betty enjoying her water feature!

Water feature and falls in Leesburg, VirginiaThank you Betty and Bill for the great pictures!


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  1. Betty Ebert

    Well done Jennifer! We and all the birds, bees, butterflies, frogs and other critters have enjoyed this water garden for 6 years. Can’t imagine our backyard without it. Looking forward to the patio you all will install soon.
    Betty and Bill


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